Monday, January 12, 2015

A Second Take on Non-Resident Students at Muscle Shoals

From a reader:

I read with great interest your guest editorial published Wednesday, January 7 regarding the MSCS policy as it relates to non-resident students. I will preface my remarks by stating that I am a parent of 2 children that are non-resident students in the Muscle Shoals school district.

To quote your guest blogger: "The Muscle Shoals City Board of Education passed a new non-residency policy on May 20, 2013 giving the Superintendent the "right to revoke the enrollment status of an out-of-district student at any time for any misconduct that would warrant suspension under the Code of Student Conduct"

Principles have been instructed to hold non-resident students to a much higher standard than other students. Any conduct that "is less than exemplary" is reason for probation that eventually leads to expulsion. If a parent attempts to appeal a decision made by Dennis Conner, they have no other recourse but to go to Dr. Lindsey, his brother in law."

If a non-resident student is involved in misconduct significant enough to warrant a suspension, they SHOULD be subject to having their enrollment status revoked. These students SHOULD be held to a higher standard by principals. They SHOULD be expected to exhibit exemplary behavior. These students are out-of-district, and as such, are owed NOTHING by the MSCS or the MS BOE. If they are students in the MSCS system as non-residents, they are there by choice, and should be appreciative of the opportunity they have been offered. Muscle Shoals isn't required to accept any non-residents, and it is perfectly reasonable for them to expect non-resident students to "bring something to the table".

It is silly to suggest that the city should have built a new high school, rather than spending money on athletics. The high school is 14 years old. If the system has too many students, then Dr. Lindsey is correct in suggesting that out-of-district enrollment be looked at/reduced. The answer would certainly not be to build a new school solely to accommodate the non-resident population, regardless of what was spent on the athletic dept. (And that is not to defend the millions poured in to the football program-that was outrageous as well).

It would seem as though, given all the issues discussed here regarding the problems and shortcomings in the MSCS system, there wouldn't be such a problem with people trying to get their children INTO or keep them in the system...


From Florence-Lauderdale Watchdog:

" Why would Libby Jordan, who is the curator of the Rosenbaum Home, need to go check out Indian Museums unless she has her eye on another position, say as Director of Tourism? "

Libby is a smart, capable person and would do a good job no matter where Dick puts her so any of our criticism are not directed at her personally.

However, it is widely known that Libby is being groomed by Dick Jordan to replace Barbara Broach upon her retirement.

There is another incredibly-capable person who already works within the city who has a master's degree in the arts who is far more qualified than Libby but, sadly, doesn't stand a chance as long as Dick is pulling the strings.

We acknowledge that there is a rumor of Libby being groomed for the Tourism department but can find nothing but speculation to support that claim. We think the city leadership knows the town will rail against any attempts to replace the current tourism director.


Did you ever notice if there's an article in the TD about Libby Jordan, it's written by Robert Palmer?



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