Friday, January 9, 2015

Just What Did Happen in Sheffield This Afternoon?

From a reader:

Elvis Who Isn't Elvis?
I am a former law enforcement officer. My training, with regards to responding to calls, was extremely specific on the 'hows' of vehicular response to calls. When responding to a call, some departments, or E911s, but not all, will dictate the officer's response mode. Other agencies often opt to allow for 'officer discretion' when responding to calls. However, 'officer discretion' ONLY comes with experience.

Having said that, calls can be broken down into the following types:

1. 'Code 1', which means NO lights or siren, but speed may be increased to NO MORE THAN 10 MPH over posted speed limits;

2. 'Code 2', which means lights ONLY, but NO siren. An officer's response speed WILL exceed posted limits, sometimes by MORE THAN 10 MPH, depending on the urgency (EX: response to a silent alarm at a bank); and

3. 'Code 3', which means lights AND siren. An officer's response speed WILL exceed posted limits, sometimes by a great deal, depending, again, on the urgency (EXS: an active shooter at a school or business, automobile accident with injuries, medical emergency, etc.).

'Officer discretion' aside (it's a truly wonderful 'tool' when properly used), one cannot help but wonder what an unmarked Sheffield police cruiser was responding to on the afternoon of January 9, 2015, at 1615HRS, that required a 'Code 2'-type response up Hatch Blvd. towards downtown Sheffield. Officers assigned unmarked vehicles should remember that EVEN WITH strobes, such vehicles are MUCH LESS visible than marked units with a light bar, especially when responding to emergencies.


Meanwhile at Muscle Shoals schools, a second reader offers a take on nepotism:

NEPOTISM LAW passed April 2013 - - with a grandfather clause for employees in CURRENT POSITIONS

Lindsey Hired January 2014

STUDENTS FIRST ACT - prohibits a school employee from receiving a "Thing of value" ($25 was defined later as a thing of value).

Non resident teachers/Lindsey/Connor that bring their children to MSCS - $500 tuition for first child/$250 for each additional is WAIVED by an old Board policy.

This policy was not changed after the Students First Act was passed. THING OF VALUE?

There are easy lawsuits - the Superintendent is clearly in violation - that is why brother in law was not given a principal job. A lot of rookies, making a lot of mistakes at the expense of the children.


And in Lauderdale County, a reader informs us:

Angie Roberson (indicted for theft from town of Rogersville) is currently cooling her heels in the LCDC. Her trial date is set for February 27th. She has no bond. I understand she is less than happy with her accommodations.


We wonder just how much time Mark Linder, UNA athletic director, spends explaining university policies--more than he does in making them?


And finally, in the "For What It's Worth Department." We don't envy Mark Parker his new position:


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