Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Word From Chief Tony Logan

Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan has offered us an update on the search for Mr. Elbert Farley Davis Jr's killer. We should have more on this next week:

About a year and a half ago we assembled all of the investigators, chiefs, and the sheriff of Colbert County for a day long summit to discuss the case. I felt it was important to have fresh eyes look at the case. We did not share our suspect list early in the day so that we did not influence their conclusions. At the end of the day the group had pretty much come to the same conclusions and suspect list that we had which at least made me feel that we were working in the right direction.

Most recently I asked Lauderdale District Attorney Chris Connolly to have his cold case squad to review the case. About 2 months ago his squad along with Dr. Greene of Alabama Forensics and our staff met at Mr. Davis residence to go over the scene along with reports and photos of the scene. I felt important because the residence was sold and the new owners were about to move in so it would be our last opportunity to go into the residence with it in much the way it was when Mr. Davis was attacked.

I am in constant contact with his (children). We meet each Wednesday to discuss where we are with the case. Ever since it took place anytime the investigators have someone in to interview on any crime they always ask if they have any information on the Davis case.

Please feel free to share any suggestions you might have that would assist us in this case. I just want to be able to give closure to the family and bring to justice those responsible for his death.


This week Mark Montgomery pleaded Not Guilty to shooting two women and a pet dog dead. He will now stand trial in Lauderdale County and waste countless dollars of taxpayer money. Let's see...he told his sister he killed them, he had their blood on his clothes and shoes...yep, a jury should buy the not guilty plea.


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