Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reward for Info in Davis Slaying "Around" 15K

We recently reported that there is a 5K reward for information in the murder of Mr. Elbert Farley Davis Jr, 88, who was killed during a home robbery in Tuscumbia in 2012. The current amount is "around" 15K. We're not sure what "around" actually means, but it's a tremendous sum to many of us.

We heard indirectly from Chief Tony Logan that he appreciated our keeping this in the public eye. We have some ideas on this and are asking Chief Logan to contact us via our e-mail or our FB personal page "Shoalanda Hutton Speaks."

We're also asking that any of our readers who live in Tuscumbia share this post. Someone knows something. We can't imagine how Mr. Davis' family feels at this point. Let's help get this scum off the street.


Oh, news flash, we've just been told we can't ban anyone from our FB page. Well...we had no idea. A law suit? Really? For excluding you from our FB page? You can still read us here and we encourage you to do so. You might learn something. Oh, okay, we have no hopes of that. Disregard. And, hey, it could be worse; we could be quoting "Contendah" on this extremely sordid situation.


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