Friday, January 16, 2015

Sociopaths, Career Criminals, & Rapists?

We recently commented that two Shoals area career criminals were sociopaths. We're going to add John James Common of Russellville to that list. Here's an update on Russellville's boy wonder:

We had been aware that J.J. was once arrested for having sex with an underage female. We even knew this young girl was mentally challenged. Yet according to a report at the time of the incident, the sex was forced. J.J. was never prosecuted in connection with this incident.

Both Jerry Don Crowden and Andrew Daniel Scott, whom we previously named as sociopaths, are career criminals and have both been involved in rape scenarios, although Scott was never charged in connection with any crime in the incident that resulted in the conception of a child.

Moral: You don't do anyone any favors by not reporting the crime of sexual assault. These sociopaths continue down their own private road to ruin and take those who love them with them. Don't be an enabler.


From a reader: Didn't you do an article on TCS's student admission policy awhile back? IIRC, TCS WILL NOT remove 'problem students' that are 'out of district', even at the risk of potential harm to other students. IIRC, Deshler Middle School's principal had a rather heated discussion with parents of students in his school that were fed up with the 'out of district' troublemakers.


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