Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anonymous Alabama?

We, along with scores of others, recently received a press release from a group called "We Are Anonymous." We're not going to publish it here, but the release stated that it was the first with more to come.

Looking on FB for such a group, we did find: Anonymous Alabama

We're posting the link for any who might be so inclined.


The flashing light on Cave Street in Tuscumbia that cautions motorists school traffic is entering or exiting? Apparently it's been out for some time. A reader has inquired; however, we're not sure whom to contact. If it's not working at all, it would indicate a wiring/contact problem. We suggest you try the Tuscumbia Utilities first and they can direct you further if needed.


TotallyDecatur strikes again: Our local newspaper has a section for "State News." Apparently, whoever has been picking items to include in this section has also been including articles from Alaska. Our concerned reader states there is often more Alaska news found than Alabama news.

Observant editors, aren't they?


Several readers have asked if DreamVision is connected to a former theme park outside Birmingham called Vision Land. No...two entirely different animals.

The DV press conference is slated for February 11th; at that time, more concrete plans will be announced for this proposed new theme park. How do we feel? Mehhh. Don't hold your breaths waiting for this one.


May the Shade be with you tomorrow!


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