Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Shout Out to Texas Road House

A reader asked us if we would give a shout out to the Florence Texas Road House. Why? It seems that the restaurant, or its parent company, paid the entire funeral expense for Kayla Howard Glover, one of two murder victims in an unsolved Muscle Shoals shooting.

Funerals are expensive, and most restaurants would have simply made a donation, and probably a small one at that. If you're looking for a casual eatery tomorrow night, we suggest you try the Texas Road House.


Once upon a time in Florence, a man in his early middle years worked for a large company that comprised part of a family owned empire. When the man died suddenly, his mother asked a friend to pick up a $500.00 death benefit she believed was coming to his estate. Since the person she asked to help with the estate had also at one time worked for one of these family owned businesses, he was aware of the death benefit and happily agreed to pick up the check for the older woman.

Alas, when the gentleman arrived at the business office, he was told there was no benefit. When he remarked that he had once worked for a sister company and such a death benefit had indeed been mentioned in his hire-on packet, the company representative stated, "Yes, but we've never actually had anyone to die while working here."


The UNA football team lists 64 players for the 2014-15 school year. Of those 64, six have now been arrested since the start of the school term, or roughly 9%. That's not including some who were arrested last year and reinstated to the team.

We have to wonder what the overall percentage of student arrests is?  We'll venture a guess that it isn't nearly that high. The team's most recent arrest:


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