Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coach Jody Lanier/LogicLand Theme Park

First, we want to stress that no one here hates Muscle Shoals City or Muscle Shoals High School. Any past blogs about either have been initiated by concerned citizens/parents. That being said...

A reader who felt we "hated" Muscle Shoals, has informed us that boys' basketball coach Jody Lanier has just resigned. The info was from a very reliable source. Is it true? We haven't been able to verify it.

What we can definitely say is that Muscle Shoals lost last night to Lee High of Huntsville...actually they didn't just lose, they got skunked as some of the males out there might put it, with the final score of Lee 60/MSH 31.

We wish Coach Lanier the best whatever the truth of the matter.


Let's visit LogicLand, that much maligned theme park. First we'll take a ride on the infamous NitPicky. DreamVision say its 5K acre park in Ft. Worth will cost 3.5 billion. So will its 1.4K acre park in Muscle Shoals where property and labor are cheaper. Hmmm, not very logical is it?

Let's next skip over to the Semantics ride. Florence investment broker Bryan Robinson says his business is "purpose driven." Silly us...we thought all investments had a purpose--to make money. No, inane semantics don't speak well of this business. Neither do referencing entities like the Alabama Music Hall of Fame which has never heard of DreamVision.

Robinson also says the money, all seven billion dollars of it, is already secured. It's so unlikely to come from just one source as to be 99.99% impossible. So how did Robinson, from Killen/Florence, secure this huge investment?

Does having a former Disney executive vice president on board mean anything? According Wiki, Disney has approximately 60 vice presidents and executive officers over its theme parks alone.

The property? Some say the Muscle Shoals reservation; we say not enough room for adequate entrance and egress. Between Tuscumbia and Littleville? Much more likely, but not in Muscle Shoals.

All our readers out there know the expression "pillow talk?" It means that if DreamVision had been looking into property here, there would have been at least some gossip, whether originating from pillow talk or from office staff snooping.

The opening is scheduled for 2019. Save the date?


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  1. I would offer this suggestion/hint. Look around...with a weak economical payback in the US....there's virtually no significant amusement parks being financed presently by regular company. So, you look globally....there's one country in the world with 59 (various business publications that note this) amusement parks in some form of construction presently, with the Beijing Disnleyland set to finish and open in 2016. Yes....China...with plenty of excess funds. So, this Killen company that one might refer likely just a front organization. Chinese businessmen are presently the only ones in the world on a tirade to build more such parks, so I'm of the mind that this $3 billion for the Shoals might be their money.

    Note: none of us should say anything much negative against this....even if we think it's a total waste. Someone is going to buy property...someone will sink millions into plywood and concrete....someone will lay pavement and pay corruption money to local county commission members....and someone will eventually discover that without a major airport, a secondary purpose to come to the area, and without an interstate connection....this will all eventually fail.

    However, I should suggest this as well....for years, there's been talk of the road connection between Memphis and Atlanta...another interstate episode. Perhaps there's someone out there with knowledge of what's coming up to be announced soon? And they already know the route, which will come near the amusement park? Maybe....maybe not. But you wouldn't do something like this on a $3 billion bet, unless you had some other pieces of the puzzle. Just my two cents.