Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meeting on Phillip Pettus' Theft Proposal Tonight

Theft proposal? Yes, Pettus wants to steal suffrage from the voters living within the City of Florence. The interesting thing is that we've had several e-mails from county residents against this and not one in favor. This would seem to be a hobby horse for Pettus, and we would dearly love to know just who has influenced him.

Tonight there will be a meeting at 6:30 at the Lauderdale School Board office to accept comments from citizens on this less than desirable plan. While Pettus represents most of Lauderdale, including Florence whether he wants what's best for that city or not, other Lauderdale representatives are Lynn Greer, Marcel Black, and Johnny Mack Morrow.

The weather is cold, and some roads still icy. We're nevertheless hoping that there's a substantial turnout against this half-baked attempt at placing the county school superintendent in someone's pocket.


From a reader:

For the last two days, the TOP STORY for the state of Alabama has been about Alaska.  I've sent messages, commented to the paper about this  but nothing has changed.  I'm wondering if they know that Juneau is not in the state of Alabama. Alaska is not the only state featured under state news.  I read each article to see if they have information pertaining to Alabama. Sometimes they do, but most of the time the other state's news should be under "Nation". I'm thinking of applying for the job to do the posting.  At least I know geography. Thank you for your blog.

We've mentioned this here and on Facebook. We can only say that trying to get a correction from the TD is tantamount to asking PresBO to actually use the words "Islamic terrorists." Of course, we once read in the Daily Mail that Harper Lee is from Monroeville, Alaska. Must be a conspiracy.


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