Thursday, February 12, 2015

The TD Said What About Roger Bedford?

From today's TimesDaily:

How legislation, including a bill brought last year by state Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, has not been passed in our Statehouse is a tribute to the power of the lobby these legalized loan sharks have created. Oddly, or perhaps tellingly, the opposition to Orr’s bill was led by a Democrat, Roger Bedford, of Russellville, who failed to retain his state Senate seat in November’s election.

We'll just let our readers digest that statement. Feel free to send comments.


Infrastructure? We were about to blog more about the road/highway situation any DreamVision park might produce here, but we see the TD has done an amazingly adequate job of enumerating problems that would face the proposed theme park.

However, one important problem should be stressed. DreamVision can build its own power plants, It can build its own waste water plant. It can build its own natural gas pipeline. What DreamVision cannot do is build its own state/county highways.

Think the State of Alabama could manage an adequate upgrade of Hwy 184 by 2019? Perhaps we should ask residents of Hwy 43 in northern Lauderdale County how they're enjoying their four-lane to the Tennessee state line completed on schedule in 2002. Oh, wait, no they're still working on that...only 13 years behind on the completion date.


It seems the question on every thinking person's lips is "What's the scam?" Things it could be:

1. Scam for money by semi-delusional persons.
2. Totally delusional participants who really believe they can pull this off.
3. Rick Silanskas is actually Sacha Baron Cohen or Andy Kaufman (hey, they said he'd come back) and the entire Muscle Shoals area is about to become the brunt of one huge practical joke.


Yes, apparently Bryan Robinson is a business partner of both Gary Baker and Ryan Baker. He seems to have a lot of businesses with a lot of partners. Nothing wrong with that, but are any of these enterprises actually making any money?


How to conduct business in the Shoals: Hire or elect the most qualified person, then fail to pay them enough, lose the wonderful asset, then be forced to pay his/her less competent successor much more than the original asked for in a raise.

Translation: Colbert County, perhaps you should reconsider your latest policy on salary increases.


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