Sunday, February 22, 2015

Readers Speak on Phillip Pettus & Brady Ann Irons

From a reader on Greg Burdine & Phillip Pettus:

GREAT GREAT GREAT article on Greg Burdine. I had serious doubts when Greg was first elected but he showed up and proved me wrong too. He was truly a very caring and concerned Representative and not just in Florence but for the entire Shoals area and beyond. I never went to an event or meeting where he was not there. I never called or reached out to him in an email or phone call that was not returned, which is something that would be hard to say about any other candidate or political office holder around. 

The whole "straight party voting" trend is probably the worst thing that could happen in a political race. Not ALL of one party is great and not ALL of another party is bad. Not all democrats have the same views as Obama. I once read an article back in 2005 that was titled "Obama: Not Your Daddy's Democrat" which hit a cord with me. No, Obama was not my Daddy's Democrat at all but like many Alabamian's my Dad was raised a democrat and always voted democrat. I was raised democrat and as I have grown older have realized that there are good democrats and there are good republicans. There are also bad representations of both parties. Which is why I never vote a straight party ticket.

 No one ever should in my opinion but that is everyone's decision to make on their own. In this day and time, it is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself on just about every subject matter, not just politics. You decide which doctor to trust. You decide which brand of car to buy. You decide which school system is best for your kids. You decide which route is best to take to get to work. You decide which brand of shoes to wear. So why would you take an opportunity to choose who you want to represent you on a state, county or city level and just say "oh give me all of them folks right there?" Would you not want to look at each match up individually and decide which one best matches up with your beliefs or ideas? 

I'd like to run for office but as a lifelong democrat, I would feel obligated to run as a demo. As a person who has common sense, I can't run as a demo and win because of the straight party voting and because of this non-sense that all demo's are aligned with the Obama way of thinking. I can't run as an independent and be taken seriously. So, many really good people/candidates often do not run at all. That is how you end up with the Phillip Pettus' of the world. In a normal election back in the day, he would not have stood a chance in hell of winning an election. Same thing with a guy over in Madison County named Wayne Johnson. Mr. Johnson was elected in 2010 when the big change occurred all over our state. When the good people of Madison county realized they had elected an idiot, they quickly found a replacement and Mr. Johnson lost his bid for re-election in 2014 by another Republican.

I am sure this happened all over the state between 2010 and 2014. Prior to 2010, no one would have believed it could be done. Afterwards, its a new day in our great state. Now, I am not "outing" Phillip Pettus. So far, every time I have contacted him, he has returned my call or email. I have high hopes that he will do a good job for us in Lauderdale County or at least attempt to do good. And don't even get me started on the idiot Tea Party people. Just their name alone sounds like a bunch of little girls sitting around sipping on a fake beverage in a tiny cup, PRETENDING to be something they are not. Speaking of common sense, if we would stop fighting amongst ourselves here in America, we would get a whole lot more accomplished.


From a victim of Brady Ann Irons, moll to alleged heroin kingpin John Wesley Akin and indicted along with Akin on multiple Lauderdale drug charges in January's grand jury session :

Irons Pictured in a Social Profile & Five Mug Shots Through the Years

That addiction caused her to steal my purse and all my honeymoon pictures that were stored on my brand new camera! Both sets of keys to my car which caused me to have to get my car towed to Huntsville to have a new one made and pay for a rental car for a week. That addiction caused her to have no conscious and return any of it after she stole the money. She sold my iphone for $50. Maybe some time in jail will help break her 'addiction' that causes her to do terrible things to innocent people.

Editor's note: Irons is also wanted on an outstanding warrant from Southaven, Mississippi.


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