Sunday, February 15, 2015

Statue Envy

It seems that Florence (and perhaps Tuscumbia) will not soon be getting its own music industry related statue. The city is coming up 120K short on funding.

The Sweetwater Arts & Entertainment District is also still just a name. The TimesDaily continues to call it proposed even though the city has done the proper zoning and, or course, proclaimed it so:

The TD also continues to call the new RegionalCare hospital proposed. We have to wonder at what point the word proposed will no longer be used?


That brings us to the announced DreamVisison theme park. Bryan Robinson says the next announcement will be the day the shovel hits the dirt. no one is going to be checking property transfers for a 1.4K acre land sale in the Muscle Shoals area? That brings us to TVA--can this hybrid organization even sell any land without an auction...a very public auction?


Backers for DreamVision? Has anyone considered the Japanese? Bryan Robinson is a partner to Ryan Baker who is a partner in Charleston Laboratories which is currently in a collaboration with the second largest drug company in Japan. On February 12th, a Japanese investment consortium announced a 430 million dollar investment in a new Indonesian theme park. That's pretty small potatoes compared to 3.5 billion, but that investment would reflect the lower cost of production in that county.


One of our wittier readers had an interesting question concerning the new park: Will they be moving the Coon Dog Cemetery as well?


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  1. With fifty-nine amusement parks underway in China....that's where I'm betting on the funding coming from.