Sunday, February 8, 2015

Questions About Wesley Lee Tidwell

In December 2013, Killen police officer Wesley Lee Tidwell was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. He has now taken a guilty plea which involves a type of anger management training and will serve no jail time. A reader has asked if Tidwell may still legally carry a gun.

While Alabama law does not prohibit such, federal law does indeed prohibit Tidwell from purchasing or carrying a firearm. In other words, his law enforcement days are over. Or are they? We have heard of persons prohibited from possessing guns running for sheriff and being elected.

Tidwell continues to serve as a volunteer fireman for the town of Killen and as an employee of the maintenance department. The 33 year-old Tidwell was also in the news a few years ago for tasing a suspect, but was cleared of all charges in that incident.


Tuscumbia Chief Tony Logan has contacted us concerning the non-working flashing sign on Cave Street that indicates a school zone. The timer has been reset, and Tuscumbia officers will be monitoring the sign to ensure it continues to work properly.


Chief Logan also informs us there is renewed interest in the homicide investigation of Mr. Elbert Farley Davis Jr. We sincerely hope this heinous crime can be solved. We know the Tuscumbia police remain dedicated to finding Mr. Davis' killer



  1. A reader has commented that even though Tidwell pleaded guilty, the charges could be erased from his record if he completes the anger management course. It will be interesting to see the eventual outcome.

  2. While I hate to offer would seem appropriate that every single law enforcement officer in the state....should attend a anger management course. Course, if I were mandating things like this....I'd suggest all wives should also attend such a course. :)