Monday, February 9, 2015

DreamVision Press Conference Invitation Only?

It seems not everyone who might wish to ask DreamVision CEO Rick Silankas a question about his proposed multi-billion dollar theme park will be able to. The upcoming press conference will be by invitation only. We assume the TimesDaily will be there, along with someone from Let's hope there will be some hard hitting fact finding in the works.


A reader questioned our use of Tony Mapes' photo while in character as Yolanda. We used that particular picture since it is his public persona--one that he uses to make money. After all, say "Barry Humphries" and see how many recognize the name. Say "Dame Edna" and everyone knows exactly who you mean.

As for Mr. Mapes coming to Alabama to perform weddings, his website indicates he's being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on February 11th. That just might take precedence.

So, congratulations, Tony!


Back to DreamVision, a reader has asked what we really think of it? Really? Can you say "Ponzi Scheme?"


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  1. Just curious....any TVA property auctions coming up with 1,000 acres of usable land and 400 acres of forested land on the south side of the river, near the dam? That auction that was discussed in late 2012....never did occur in 2013 or 2014....did it? Does the TVA auction deal include Patton Island?