Monday, February 23, 2015

Hershel Graham & Tom Smith

Today Hershel Dale Graham reports to jail, to be taken later to Kilby Prison for processing, and then to his final destination which he hopes to be the Hamilton unit for the aged and infirm. Wherever he goes it will be too good for him.

Before killing a young husband and father, Graham was known in the Golden, Mississippi/Red Bay, Alabama area as someone who had shot his stepfather, a man who beat a girlfriend and dared her to report it, someone who fed his dogs gunpowder to make them mean, one who prayed to Satan, and most tellingly someone who once said he wanted to drive down the streets of Red Bay killing the innocent.

Graham will probably come out of prison more healthy than he went in. He won't balk at the prison food, but it won't be enough for him, so he'll lose weight. He'll be forced to receive treatment for his health conditions. He'll also probably be near his parents who will visit him regularly.

David Andrasik's family also visits him regularly--in the cemetery. Life isn't fair, and neither is our justice system.


Tom Smith?  Most of you know Tom Smith. He's called a senior writer at the TimesDaily. He covered Graham's trial and appeals. We don't know if Smith knows the Graham family or if he somehow identifies with Graham. We do know he has continually reported that witnesses said David shoved Graham.

Yes, three witnesses did testify to that "fact." They were Graham's father, son, and son's girlfriend. Three witnesses for the prosecution stated that David didn't touch Graham and that he had even tried to leave before being called back. These three were two neighbors of Graham and a Red Bay school teacher who was passing by and stopped at the scene of the altercation. Whom should we believe?

The Franklin County Times reported all these facts. Why didn't Tom Smith?


We really like to learn new things, and yesterday we learned that if someone commits the crime of drug trafficking and then stays "clean" for eight months, he/she should get off totally free. Really?

We have no idea what Brady Ann Irons has told her friends and family about her arrest last year for drug trafficking, but she was indicted last month. The indictment was reported last week, so yes it is NEWS.

Yesterday we published an account from one of Irons' theft victims. We had found it moving. Irons posted it was "ridiculous." No, Irons did not apologize, but not one of her supporters seemed to notice that. If she hasn't been arraigned, she will be shortly. Trafficking in any drug carries certain minimum requirements. She can't plead to a lesser charge, nor will she get good time or parole if convicted.

One of her supporters suggested we look at her Facebook page to see that she was reformed. We have no idea what that was supposed to prove, but we did look. What did we find?

Sorry, Wes. It seems you've been replaced since November. Don't worry too much; if she's convicted we're pretty sure the new boyfriend will soon find someone to replace her.


Roger Bedford to run the AEA?  Now there's a scary thought.


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