Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Questions for DreamVision/Provident Global Capital

First, Shoalanda is an invited guest at tomorrow's press conference. We're guessing the QCD and PNS are also. Are we going? No, our pet raccoon still has hepatitis. (We're going to owe Woody Allen royalties on that one day.)

Here's the official document sent to our e-mail:

Press Conference

The DreamVision Company Announces Development
of World’s Largest Theme Park in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Wednesday, February 11 at 11 a.m. CST

What: The DreamVision Company, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is announcing its development of two of the largest theme parks in the world: DreamVision SoundScape in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to cover approximately 1,400 acres; and DreamVision Mountain/DreamScape in Fort Worth, Texas, which will be situated on approximately 5,000 acres. In addition to the theme parks, each property will include golf courses, water parks, hotels, theatres, concert venues, retail and more. Both parks will be built simultaneously, which has never been done by a single company.

When: Wednesday, February 11 from 11 a.m. to noon CST

Where: Marriott Shoals Hotel, 10 Hightower Place, Florence, Alabama 35630 – Main Ballroom

The DreamVision Company is a family-oriented entertainment and media privately-owned enterprise with four business segments: CGI animation & film, live theatrical productions, music and theme park resort destinations.
·         Rick Silanskas, DreamVision CEO/Chairman and award-winning composer and producer
·         Ron Logan, DreamVision Chief Creative Officer and former executive vice president and executive producer for Walt Disney Entertainment
Press conference topics including but not limited to:
·         Details about the park including visuals
·         Approximate opening date
·         Estimated employment
·         Additional ventures and details

NOTE: Live streaming of the press conference begins at 11 a.m. for those who cannot attend in person. A recording of the press conference will be available on the same link. Click here to participate: http://thedreamvisioncompany.com.

RSVP: If you plan to attend the conference in person, please email pr@mclarkpr.com in advance. Thank you!

On-site PR contact:
Kathy Siefert
Marguarite Clark Public Relations
404-441-3669 – mobile

For more information:
Trisha Clayton                                  
Marguarite Clark Public Relations


Looking at the invitation, we notice Bryan Robinson's name is not on the list of speakers. Since he's local, why isn't it? In case you missed the skinny on Bryan Robinson's local companies (at least two of them):


A reader has pointed out to us that the name Provident Global Capital bears a great similarity to Provident Funding, It's certainly not illegal, but could be misleading to some.

Robinson and his wife Rachel and assorted others seem to have founded at least five corporations in the Lauderdale County area. Bryan Robinson also has an office in the Keystone Centre, apparently having moved there from his Tombigbee Street location. 

Twenty years experience. As our faithful reader said, is that combined? Combined with whose?


Tomorrow's press conference seems to be limited to one hour. The Ft. Worth conference did not allow any questions, at least we have been informed that was the case. 

So, anyone want to buy into Shoalanda's Hoverboards? We'll bring you what your parents thought would be here by 1999.


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