Friday, February 13, 2015

Hershel Dale Graham Will Now Go To Prison...

The Alabama Supreme Court has refused to hear Hershel Dale Graham's appeal in his Franklin County manslaughter conviction. This was the fourth and last appeal that Graham could have hoped for. Graham, now 51, will serve only two years in actual confinement, unless he's less than cooperative in prison--that's always a possibility. Graham is expected to appear before Judge Terry Dempsey one final time next week, after which he'll be taken into custody--over three years after he took the life of a young husband and father.

We previously reported that Graham had moved to Florence. This was in error; Graham's son is now living in Lauderdale County, while Graham himself continues to live in his father's home where the November 2011 Red Bay shooting took place.


Christoper Martin, a man with no record of violence, got 20 years for shooting a man whom he had invited into his home. Neeler Keeton, a man with no record of violence, got 20 years for shooting a man who had struck him with rebar. Hershel Graham, with a juvenile record of violence, gets only two years for shooting a man whom he called back onto this property? Welcome to our justice system. Thanks again to Joey Rushing, Franklin County prosecutor, who fought to have Graham put away.


Everyone knows what tomorrow is, right? So do you know who the "Ambassador of Romance" is? You don't? Well now you do...

Yes, the man's talents are endless.


Several have chastised those who have taken on the mantle of skeptic concerning DreamVision; however, most of these individuals may not be aware of many similar, albeit on a lesser scale, schemes that have plagued the Shoals over the past 20-30 years.

If it really is in the works, we see the Chinese and Arabs are mentioned as the main backers. Arabs? The ones who won't rent hotel ballrooms to gay couples? That doesn't quite seem logical. That leaves the Chinese.

And we certainly had a wonderful experience with a Chinese businessman last year, didn't we? Zing Zang Zung still missing in action?


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