Friday, February 20, 2015

Audwin McGee/Greg Burdine

If you missed Audwin McGee's account of the Singing River statue snafu, here's the link:

What does this article tell us? First, since everything in life is a trade-off, we may infer Mr. McGee is at least very well to do. If any readers do not understand that inference, shoot us a private message and we'll elucidate you.

This seems to signal the death knell for both Florence and Tuscumbia's aluminum elephants. So what will Florence do with the money put aside for the rest of the landscaping involved in this project above the 20K in donations now collected? So far that has not been mentioned.


Greg Burdine - Local Hero

When Greg Burdine originally ran for the state house, we at this blog didn't support him. When he ran for re-election, we did. Why the change?

Some public servants actually do serve the people's best interest, and Greg was one of them. He fought for the new RegionalCare hospital; he was there for the public when needed. He was almost too good to be true for a Democrat...and he lost his second bid for election to a state trooper. Why?

We're making a very well educated guess that most District 1 voters simply marked a straight Republican ticket. Why?

If you need a will/property transfer/air-tight patent/defense for murder, whom do you call? An attorney or a state trooper? Unfortunately, most voters obviously didn't even bother to check Phillp Pettus out before they voted.

Props to Greg Burdine for his wisdom in the current taxation without representation attempted coup; red arrows to Phillip Pettus--either incredibly dense or incredibly dishonest. Tomorrow, we'll begin our investigation of Mr. Pettus. It will be ongoing until he leaves office...hopefully at the end of this term.



  1. Greg made me mad because he threw a deed at me. I thought we were friends. Turns out friends can be bought. I worked hard to defeat him . So no it wasn't just straight ticket voting .