Monday, February 16, 2015

Attn Phillip Pettus - We Fought a War Over 200 Years Ago to Stop What You're Suggesting

The last time we looked, Florence is in Lauderdale County. Each Florence resident who licenses a vehicle helps support Lauderdale County Schools, but state representative Phillip Pettus wants to take away Florence's vote. Wanna bet he still wants their tax dollars?

So just how is Phillip Pettus qualified to change our federal constitution (no taxation without representation)? Here's his bio:

  • Twenty five years as a State Trooper with the rank of Captain
  • Twenty years as a volunteer fireman with the Greenhill Fire Department
  • Umpires for Alabama High School Athletic Association softball games
  • Member of the National Rifle Association, Alabama Cattleman’s Association and Lauderdale County Republican Party
  • Married to his wife Mary for twenty nine years, parents of three children and five grandchildren
  • Attends Loretto Church of Christ
We notice he doesn't list any educational achievements. We infer civics and government weren't his strong points.


Larry Stutts says he's in favor of an appointed superintendent. We're pleasantly surprised with that suggestion. We're not holding our breath, but it is the logical way to go.


A reader tells us there are no school zone signs at Tuscumbia Middle School. We suggest contacting the street department first. Let us know what they have to say.


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  1. "Wanna bet he still wants their tax dollars?". You might want to CHECK YOUR FACTS