Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Haven't Russellville Citizens Objected?

We've had some very interesting feedback on the subject of taxation without representation. It seems Russellville voters may not vote on the county superintendent. The right attorney could easily challenge this unconstitutional law; however, we're wondering why Russellivlle citizens stood idly by when this unjust law was enacted.

Again, ideally this position should  be appointed, not elected. We're sure many in Colbert County wish that was the case with their school system.


A reader has told us Phillip Pettus does not answer mail from his constituents.  For someone who claimed he would make such positive changes, his cavalier attitude is very unbecoming. We're also heard that Danny Pettus, whom we support in the next election for commission chair in Lauderdale, has not been as swift to answer as one would hope. All politicians should remember that an automated response is better than no response at all.


We see a retired school teacher, or someone claiming to be, has stated probate judges in Alabama don't need even a bachelor's degree and that he/she never made over 48K a year during a long career. First, it surprises us that a former educator wouldn't care what kind of degree the probate judge had, if any. We also have pretty good hunch that if this educator possessed a doctorate as Judge Daniel Rosser does, he/she would have made much more than 48K a year.


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