Monday, October 10, 2016

Domestic Violence on the UNA Campus?/Kudos to Campus Police

How common is domestic violence at the University of North Alabama? While it’s not an everyday occurrence, it’s certainly not rare. This was posted earlier today on the Shoals Insider:

While details are scant, the perp was reportedly armed and drove from Colbert County with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it was to talk to his estranged other half or something more sinister has yet to be reported.

PNS followed up with this article:

It’s only been a few weeks since this incident took place on the UNA campus:

Again, UNA police came to the rescue—something local citizens should be extremely grateful for. Until authorities become mind readers, efficient police work is the best answer to the violence these abusers bring to the campus and community. 



Ryan Kent Pollard, termed a serial abuser by local media, is in jail again; this time without bail. It seems some have speculated his most recent arrest involves his latest girlfriend, a resident of Russellville. This may be true since we’re told she’s abandoned Facebook, at least for the time being. 

However, what did she expect? We want to make it clear just being dumb and/or desperate is not an invitation to violence, but it’s certainly not a shield either. A reader has told us, in the for what it’s worth department, the couple was into BDSM and that Pollard’s arrest involves drugs, not abuse. Whatever the case, society is always the winner when abusers are taken off the streets.

Any other young ladies want to date a four time abuser? Or would that now be five time abuser? Whichever, we’re pretty sure he’ll be on the market when he gets out.



  1. Keep telling them, Sholanda. I know Ryan and his dad. Both are bad news so why can they get women and nice guys finish last? Ryan's a chubby chaser and when he gets out, he always does, he'll be back beating up some other girl who swears she can change him.

    1. TF, I've seen a photo of Ryan's latest victim. She has a pierced tongue and septum and tattooed hands, plus a baby. I don't think he was taking a prize away from any of you really great men. Would you like me to introduce you to my cousin who looks fantastic as long as she shaves twice a day?