Thursday, October 13, 2016

Whitfield Case Postponed/Theft Indictment Delayed

If you're not familiar with the Colbert County manslaughter indictment against the Whitfields, you may catch up here:

The case was originally scheduled for October 4th, but autopsy results have been delayed. There is some speculation this case may now be placed on a back burner and eventually disappear. We'll post any new dates/info as we receive it.



A reader has asked us how many times a district attorney may present a case in order to obtain a grand jury indictment. We're throwing that question out to our legal eagle friends; we can say the most we are aware of is three, but that does not mean there is a limit.

That brings us to the theft case against some members of a local volunteer fire department. Apparently the district attorney's office was unable to secure an indictment the first time it was presented. A reader has asked if it will be presented again.

Again we're awaiting some inside information. We can say that some insurance companies will demand prosecution even if the money is repaid. 


What's a common type of case that doesn't always bring an automatic indictment? Various types of sexual assault, especially those involving an adult victim. 

And we wonder why Donald Trump and Bill Clinton always get off so easy?


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