Friday, October 7, 2016

No More Demons for Florence?

It seems the Facebook page of Eddie Eugene Collins had no restrictions; in other words, anyone could post on it and many did. There were family members who either pleaded for Collins to surrender for the sake of his wife and children or commented he had made bad decisions so there was nothing to be done.

Then there was the local DJ who wanted an on-air interview during mid siege. Yeah…real classy KISS 102. What was he going to ask? "How does it feel to put a gun to your wife’s head?”

Yet the most commented on comment was from a woman who chastised Collins for bringing his “demons” to Florence. True, each city has enough local demons without all those Florida ones popping in for a visit. How did Collins even arrive in Florence/Killen? By all accounts, he was a user, not a dealer. At least where drugs were concerned; he had a July 2015 arrest for pimping out his wife. How does someone fall that far?

This makes two women in one week who are now dead due to the actions of the men in their lives. There is a lesson here, ladies. Yes, it can be you if you allow it to happen.



So Jeb Bush is joining the Jay Z tour? Yes, he doesn’t like it if you call women bad names since he has granddaughters. Uh, Jeb, what about your mother, wife, and daughter? Was it okay to call them a “witch” or other derogatory names? Your friend Jay Z wised up when he had a daughter, so he’s ahead of you there.

Conclusions? Will Queen Elizabeth take the colonies back?


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