Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jail Mail & Who's Yo Shugah Daddy?

Does mail go undelivered at the Lauderdale County Detention Center? A detention center employee has informed us it usually does if there is no return address on the envelope. Cards or letters without a return address are deemed suspicious and may be tossed into file 13.

A friend has reported that mail sent to Edward Ray “Chip” Dillard has been subject to extra scrutiny—apparently due to the seriousness of his alleged crimes. So if you don’t want your name connected to anyone in jail, don’t send any mail.



Speaking of Chip Dillard, who’s paying his attorney Robert Tutin? Tutin regularly represents high dollar clients, while Dillard is reportedly broke.

We also have to ask just how Tutin was selected to replace Dillard’s original counsel Dan Totten of Athens? Could it be that Tutin has connections to the attorney general’s office…connections that would make a deal that more likely?

If Dillard should make a sweetheart deal with the state prosecutors, he still may face local charges of smuggling drugs into the detention center, something he was reportedly blackmailed for by at least one enterprising young client. Deal or no deal, the trial date for Dillard and co-defendants Tim Staggs and Brett Mitchell is in December.


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