Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crime Dynasties/Fike Verdict/UNA Rape

Crime dynasties? We’ve had requests to add two families to our list of crime dynasties, the Dawsons and a second family headed by a woman; however, we’re researching the second offering. As for the Dawsons, some of them spoke openly of their past criminal endeavors; ergo, we have no problem listing them. We do wish to ensure we have the relationships correct in the second family that has been active in both Franklin and Lauderdale Counties during the past ten years.



The Robin Fike manslaughter trial? Fike was found guilty earlier today. Surprising? Hardly!

Fike’s defense attorney John McKelvy of Tuscumbia admitted his client:

1. Was driving under the influence of alcohol,

2. Had a BAC three times the legal limit,

3. Was trying to outrun law enforcement when he crashed his PT Cruiser into the back of the Ford Taurus that (his victim was in).

Surprisingly to no one, that sounds exactly like manslaughter, no matter what Mr. McKelvy may say. In fact, we’re surprised that Fike wasn’t charged with some form of murder.


The UNA rape arrest? It’s going to a grand jury even though the alleged perp was (again allegedly) identified at the scene. Also beaten at the scene, we understand.

Where do our sympathies lie? We assume if anyone did hit Tyre Pickett, and photographs don’t usually lie even in this age of Photoshop, they simply mistook him for a punching bag in the dark hall.

Yeah, that’s a good story. That’s third degree assault at most, and we understand he will have to go to Florence Municipal Court to officially press charges. We’re sure many would like to see him try.


“Ad Women? Mad Ad Women?” Yes, we have them. Mea Culpa.

However, we do find it amusing that a woman would want to claim that offensive ad. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to check future blogs to substitute the word “person” if we should inadvertently use the word “man” in that context.


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