Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Reader's Take on Mickey

A reader's take... If Mickey Haddock thinks animals can't talk, he is mistaken. They spoke loudly Tuesday night. Also speaking loudly were tourism people and those that supported the Florence staff during the good ole boy shake down of Alison Stanfield and Debbie Wilson. Voting in droves were the senior citizens that were promised a Center as well. 

Guess Mickey didn't execute the right plays so he fumbled due to his foul play. And he got caught for personal fouls too. Wonder what Mayor Dickey will do without his puppet? Too soon to tell but hoping the GOB system is over. Maybe Mickey can go to work for David Muhlandork..oh wait, he doesn't have a company any more.



Several have asked if Prince, our Canine-American blogger, will now be retiring. We're happy to announce he plans to stay at least until the new Florence shelter is completed.


Now let's return to the Florence Tourism website. A few days ago, we asked what's wrong with it. While we're sure many readers assumed it was the large mug shot of Rob Carnegie, we weren't referring to that.

Look at the history of Florence page. How many times is "Florence" mentioned? We count three. How many times is "Shoals" mentioned? We count three. Just who is paying Robbie Baby's salary anyway?

Oh, and we're still waiting for them to correct the most glaring grammatical error...


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