Saturday, October 15, 2016

Who Bails These People Out?/New DV Law?

Jails are crowded; we understand that. What we can’t understand is how some criminals make bail over and over. No, we’re not even talking about the small time burglar who regularly gets arrested once a month until a judge grows weary of him and sends him South. We’re speaking of those who can easily be classified as dangerous.

We see that Skyler Burgess has been arrested in Colbert County for failing to appear at a court date. If you’re not familiar with Burgess, she makes Lindsey Lohan look like Pollyanna.

Does this woman, with four children the state supports, have the money for bail? We understand she’s entitled to an attorney even if her guilt is a given, but bail? Why call her “Armed and Dangerous,” then allow her out in the general public?

Is there a flip side? She’s probably so psycho that no jail wants the responsibility. We can understand that also. If she harms another inmate, who will be sued? The answer is the state, aka the taxpayers.

Obviously there are no easy answers. Yet we’re betting the public feels safer with her locked away.



We’ve always taken the position that the state too easily enacts new laws for every occasion. We still feel that way, but have a suggestion for a law we feel is needed in this state.

For many years, a certain number of misdemeanor DUIs qualify one for a felony. How about a similar law for Domestic Violence arrests? Sure, first degree Domestic Violence is now a felony in Alabama, but we see those like Ryan Kent Pollard who go to jail over and over for days at a time, but like Skyler Burgess, seem to return to freedom to offend again—read: beat up some other innocent female.

We welcome input and ideas on how best to have this law enacted.


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