Friday, October 14, 2016

What to do if Trump Attacks?

You’re a female sitting next to a famous man on a first class air flight when he begins to kiss and fondle you. Do you:

A. Sit there and do nothing…for over 35 years?

B. Simultaneously hit him with whatever you have at your disposal and call a flight attendant?

C. Sell the story to a tabloid?

D. Both B & C?

If there is any doubt, the answer is “D.”



While we can’t speak for all who blog here, we don’t support Trump…or Hillary. Let’s face it, our country is in dire straits, and Canada, snow and all, is looking good to us.

However, Trump for all his faults is not the Anti-Christ. Nor is Hillary. They both have enough faults to debate without making any up.


Repeal the 19th Amendment? It’s become something of a satirical hash tag on Twitter, but still only satire for most. We’ve read of a few who said they would give up their vote forever if they could be sure Trump would win.

We also read of those who say they can turn lead into gold and water into gasoline. These people are not exactly hitting on all cylinders.


The TD has just published several articles on the high number of children killed by firearms, especially in the South. If local district attorneys want to charge anyone in these deaths, shouldn’t it be the parents/guardians who leave these weapons unattended—or more importantly, their children unattended?


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