Sunday, October 30, 2016

What Are We Going to Do with Uncle (Tommy) Arthur?

If you’re not familiar with the old music hall song What Are We Going to Do with Uncle Arthur?, here’s a great video:

What is the best thing to do with convicted killer Thomas Douglas Arthur? Here are our options:

1. Execute him. Remember he’s killed two people, shot a Colbert County deputy who survived, shot a sibling to one of his murder victims, kidnapped an innocent bystander during a robbery while escaped from Colbert County, reportedly brutally beat his two/three wives (the third perhaps being common law), and countless unknown other crimes?

2. Keep him in solitary confinement where he can’t hurt anyone else; this could easily be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

3. Place him in the general prison population where he can hurt or kill prisoners who may have redeeming qualities or may even be innocent of the crime of which they were convicted? Remember, Arthur is one who has used feces as “punishment” for his enemies in the past. Don’t even prisoners deserve more consideration than that? We hope you’re nodding in agreement with that.

So what is the best way to handle Arthur or those like him? Send us your comments and we’ll happily publish them.



Arthur’s family is stating they think this is the end. It very well may be. His daughter says it’s cruel and unusual punishment for Arthur’s family. Let’s remember the state didn’t commit the crimes. The state didn’t demand a stay of execution all these times. Let’s place the blame where it lies - completely in the lap of convicted killer Thomas Douglas Arthur who may at this point have less than four days to live.


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  1. What his family is going through? What about the families of those he committed crimes against? What have they been going through all these years?