Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shelton Publishing & the TotallyDecatur Strike Again

Some who blog here are like many in the area—we no longer have an extant high school alma mater. It’s a good guess that many are like us and no longer take any special interest in high school football. We hope those who graduated from Coffee and Bradshaw do wish Florence High School well.

If you haven’t kept up at all, FHS hasn’t had a great year on the gridiron. So while glancing at the TD website, we clicked on the article about Friday’s game, a game Florence lost to Austin. We didn’t particularly want to read the gory details of Florence’s loss; we simply wanted to know how many games FHS had won this season, assuming this statistic would be mentioned in the article.

So we read; first there was a quote from the Austin coach. Okay, Austin won; nothing too odd about that. Then the article went on to extol the virtues of Austin, never mentioning Florence in any specific way. Then we looked at the byline. Of course…it was an article written specifically for the Decatur Daily, Austin being a Decatur school.

Austin is a large school. Does it play Muscle Shoals? It might even play Deshler or Sheffield under certain circumstances. Certainly other Decatur area schools play local teams. Is it too much to ask the Shelton Publishing Company to have their sports correspondents write a neutral article when it’s scheduled to appear in the Shoals as well?

Wait…that was a silly question, wasn’t it?



Sadly, the search for Shawn Childers on Saturday turned up nothing:


From our Sleepy Hollow collection:

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