Monday, October 31, 2016

It Was a Warm & Balmy Night...

It’s late on Halloween night, and we hope all our readers are safe and sound. It’s time for special Halloween wishes; happy Halloween to:

* Our friend in Texas who sends us such deliciously interesting stories. We could blackmail half the Shoals.

* Our friend J. Redmon who’s busy working at a new job and unable to write anything at the moment.

* Our friend Leslie M. Shoals who has the power to irritate 90% of Colbert County. Leslie has a new blockbuster blog coming. Stay tuned.

* Our friend the Midnight Rider for all his contributions. 

* Our friend Kanye Twitty--what a blast!

* Our friends at the Shoals Insider who have upped their game recently. If you miss checking in with them, you’re the loser.

* Our friends at Pen-N-Sword who’re usually the only ones to investigate a story until the end. Don’t miss that publication either.

* Our friend L. Stone who always has a charming and/or extremely informative back story for us.

* Our friends Will Motlow and Daniel Rosser who haven’t had the easiest time of it the past few years and are certainly not going to have an easy November. We appreciate you.

* Tony Logan and all the police officers out there who work tirelessly for the community with little or no thanks.

* Our newly elected municipal officials; we expect big things from you and offer our thanks in advance for the new era you’re ushering in.

* Our friend Carlton Utley who has the most thankless but necessary job we can imagine.

* All those who send us blogs. Keep them coming.

* Our friend and favorite adviser the tolerance guru. You inspire us to be a better person.

* And finally to all our readers who write words of praise…and those who keep us on our toes.


A kiss is just a kiss...

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