Sunday, October 16, 2016

Say Yes to Amendment Four!

In three weeks we’ll be voting for more than our next (gasp) president. We’ll be voting on 14 new amendments to our ridiculously long state constitution. We won’t try to make a recommendation on all of them, but Number 4 is a winner.

Proposed amendment four allows for more home rule for our counties. In other words, our county commissioners will be allowed more freedom on making laws that apply to our individual counties. They will also have less ability to blame others when things go wrong. This is a good thing. It’s always more efficient to curse someone in our own county than having to e-mail Montgomery.



Kindness or tolerance? We were speaking with our favorite advisor earlier today; he claims he’s not that kind, but merely tolerant. Both are good qualities that so many of us lack. Yes, you may inject our name here.

We do have to ask where tolerance should end? Is our judicial system too lenient? Perhaps it’s too hard? We think the answer depends mainly on the perp’s attorney…a good one could get Jack the Ripper off, while an ineffective one couldn’t save Mother Teresa.

Soon Lauderdale County will undergo judicial changes. It should be interesting…


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