Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween, Clowns, & Christmas Parades

Halloween, Clowns & Christmas Parades
By: The Midnight Rider

Halloween is fast approaching. Here are some aspects to remember on the upcoming date. Halloween can be fun for kids and adults alike. Don’t do anything stupid. If you do something stupid and go to jail, is that how you want to remembered when someone posts it on Facebook? You know they will. Be safe

The Rider has already told you in a previous article that this Clown stuff is getting out of hand. The latest thing going around on Facebook is that the “Clowns are going to do a Purge on Halloween.” Yeah, ok. You going to be purging in some good ole boy’s yard and he is going to purge your ass with a shotgun.

Please, enough with the clown stuff.

Christmas Parades
Now, we are getting to the part of the Holidays that the Rider likes. Christmas. I just read that the City of Sheffield is holding their Christmas Parade December 1, 2016. What? That’s not a Christmas Parade. That is a Thanksgiving Parade. The Christmas Parade should be closer to, well, Christmas. I don’t understand this decision.


I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.



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