Monday, October 24, 2016

Helen Keller Hospital? No, Try ECM!

Keller Hospital, The Deer & Trunk or Treat
By: The Midnight Rider

Keller Hospital
As most of you know, there are plans to build a new hospital in this area. My thoughts is do we not have enough hospitals already. Then a friend of mine related this story to me. I have known this person for a long time and have no reason not to believe them. To my knowledge this person has always paid their bills on or before time. This is what they related to me:

I went to Keller Hospital to have some minor tests. I have Obama Care Insurance. There was $470 left after the insurance paid for me to cover. I wrote Keller a check for $25.00 at the first of the month and sent it to them. They cashed it. The following month on the first, I wrote and sent another $25 check to them.  About 2 days later while balancing my checkbook, I saw that the 2nd check had cleared.
Later that same day I got a call from a Collection Agency. I was told by the caller that I had been turned over to collections for my outstanding balance to Keller Hospital. I was floored. I asked how I could be turned over when I had made 2 payments, one that had cleared that day.  Their reply “they turn it over if it is not paid in full.”

With the following in mind, how is Keller going to compete with the new hospital if this is how they are treating their patients. It seems a little extreme to me. This makes me think that if I am ever sick enough to go to the hospital, I’ll go somewhere else instead of Keller.

P.S. Before I sent this article to be published, my friend showed me the paperwork that confirmed the above story. This is really sad.

The Deer
Deer in Sheffield bar

It appears that a deer recently broke into one of the old bar locations on Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield. The building is currently being renovated for a new business to open. I guess the deer wanted to see if any alcohol was left in the building. Sheffield Police were able to get the deer out without harming it. Geez, can’t have a drink in the peace and quiet.

Trunk or Treat
Several of the local Cities are having Trunk or Treat events this weekend. If you have youngsters, take them to these events for some safe fun.

Until next time...
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


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