Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Julian Assange/Naming the Blackmailer?

We had the following comment from a faithful reader and friend on our Facebook comment on Julian Assange:

If the charges are proven false why is he hiding in the Bolivian Embassy ? Interesting conspiracy article but it just don't add up on the face of the charges.

To which we replied:

The charges he's trying to avoid come from the alleged rape of an adult woman in Sweden. He says he's innocent, but if he returns to Sweden and is cleared, he will then be extradited to the U.S. where he is definitely guilty of hacking.

In short, our presidential election, no matter whom you support, is being highly manipulated, especially by the DNC. Do you then vote for the Republican candidate? We honestly don’t know how that would best work. Stay at home? No. Vote for an independent? You could, and we certainly may when the time comes; however, there is no way an independent can win our state. Voting for the independent candidate might do good in some states, but here? We sincerely doubt it.


Horrible language and a horrible joke, but remember NO CHOCOLATE for your dogs and cats this Halloween:


A reader has asked to follow through on the blog about the jailhouse blackmailer. Rest assured, as things stand now, we do plan to. We may blog on a slow news day since he’s hardly worth more press


From another faithful reader: Shoalanda, if you forgive someone, even the one who stole that most precious to you, you don’t have to love them, just forgive them and not hate them.

Our answer: Your statement is very similar to a conclusion we came up with almost 20 years ago. Yet while we can forgive what someone does to us, do we have the power to forgive that which is done to those nearest and dearest to us? Or to those nearest and dearest our friends?

Our conclusion? If there is someone out there, maybe in jail, who has hurt the loved one of a friend of ours, and our friend wants us to help make this miscreant’s deeds known, you can bet we will, assuming they are public record and he’s currently in the system. What should he do? We suggest behaving in future or risk his evil deeds following him and his loved ones for the rest of his life, within the above parameters.

What’s funny about the above situation? We understand the feckless ne’er-do-well once said his victim’s friends had no power to hurt him. My, my. Things change, and we guess his opinion of his victim’s friends and family has now changed as well.


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  1. The most reasonable argument for voting third party I've heard so far is this:

    If a third party candidate receives at least 5% of the vote it will allow the party automatic inclusion in future elections.

    I really wish Alabama were offering the "protest" vote some states are offering this time.

    It allows a voter to declare alignment with a third party while voting for the republican or democratic candidate. Seems like an excellent idea for this election.