Sunday, November 23, 2014

Something (Fill in the Blank) This Way Comes

Something thoughtless this way comes: That would be Shoalanda who attributed the Ray Bradbury fantasy tale Something Wicked This Way Comes to Stephen King. We have read it and loved it, but obviously had our minds elsewhere when we wrote that blog. Thanks to a witty reader's comment for our laugh of the day.

Something misunderstood this way comes: We knew that we were missing something concerning our comments on Sheffield bars. We had asked why they had such violent problems, and got some odd answers. We've just learned that some readers thought this was a racist comment. Most assuredly it wasn't. We have no idea who owned/operated some of the shut down businesses, but we're pretty sure at least one could have qualified as "Country & Western."

If you had asked us which local town had the largest African-American population, we would have answered off the top of our heads Tuscumbia. So we decided to check:

Florence -- 19.4% black
Muscle Shoals -- 15.3% black
Sheffield -- 26.8% black
Tuscumbia -- 21.2% black

We have learned some new demographics, but now we're wondering why there's over a 10% difference between Sheffield and Muscle Shoals.

Something imperial this way comes (warning--strong language): That would also be Shoalanda. Our friend O.B. calls himself a benevolent dictator as to what comments he will publish. A recent critic has mentioned two problems she has with us. We'll address one here.

When a young man, driving under the influence, wrecked and took out both his girlfriend and a Tennessee landmark, we published a photo sent to us of the couple. It seems many didn't like the photo since it had Satanic undertones or some such. Why did we not take it down early on?

Probably because one of the first remarks stated something to the effect: You better take down that picture you goddam motherfuckin' bitch. Maybe it's just us, but we felt some hostility there. If you ever question anything we publish, we'll be happy to discuss it with you in a civil manner. Otherwise, we don't owe you anything so don't expect anything.


The critic mentioned above asked why we didn't meet with Mr. Mark Linder personally as he offered. Probably because we have only one or two questions, one of which requires only a yes or no answer.

Question One: Is it UNA's policy not to suspend athletes for misdemeanors as quoted in the Flor-Ala?

If the answer is "No," then we would have no more questions, but advise Mr. Linder to ask that the Flor-Ala do a retraction.

If the answer is "Yes," then we would ask

Question Two: If you don't suspend for misdemeanors, why were the two Russellville second string players suspended?

Rest assured, this is an ongoing quest for fairness.


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