Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Special Election Post by a Special Reader

Seriously people, we spend our days fussing about how things go wrong in our lives. Well this week, we have the chance to possibly make some things go right. I hope that in the last months you have done some research. If you go out and don't do the research and then get bit in the behind, you can ONLY blame yourself. You should have spent time making sure your candidate was qualified, a person of integrity and good character. A person who could take care of your county in whatever position they were running for and not fall back on the job. I hope that you have NOT spent your time sitting back on your behinds assuming you know the candidates in your county elections. I can assure you right now, you do not know anyone. 
 I have seen people post on this blog day after day about how they KNOW this candidate or that candidate. I can tell you if you have only known a person while he is working or out about town, you don't know truly know them. Just because you have known a person for a few years does not mean you know them…you do not. You know what they want you to know about them. 
 I hope you will and have spent time on your knees praying and asking for God's leadership in all of these elections. Follow GOD. HE is the ONLY one who should be leading you in this election process. 
HONESTY, and INTEGRITY -- not lies and hidden secrets.


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