Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orange Tips & Gang Signs

Do all pellet guns, etc., require an orange tip to be legal? We've had some comment on this. In fact we've addressed this before, but here's what the law says as we understand it. Comments welcome.

1. All airsoft guns must be sold with an orange tip. It's a federal law since 1992. These guns can't be transported across state lines legally without the tip.

2. Apparently it's legal to remove/paint the orange tip in Alabama, but not in Texas, New York, and several other states.

3. Previous blogs on airsoft weapons.


We've also had questions on what actual gang signs are. Were the Muscle Shoals High School students using real gang signs? We think not, but what were they saying? We offer this interpretation:

1. Girl in blue on left: She has arthritis. We recommend meloxicam.

2. Second girl from left: She's simply defending her Second Amendment right to carry two "hand guns" or she really likes Annie Oakley.

3. Chad Holden: He's trying out for the title role in the re-make of Weekend at Bernie's.

4. Baby Face Nelson: Since his hands are inverted, those aren't peace signs; he's giving his audience a double dose of "up yours."

4. Girl second from right: It's obvious--she's a zombie. It's their natural stance.

5. Boy at far right. That's the most obvious of all. He's giving the Black Power salute, but odds are he couldn't tell you who Tommie Smith or John Carlos are or why they used such a salute.


Anyone doing anything special around six this evening?


Our sympathies to the family of Jason Shane Green. Jason lost his life earlier this week in an automobile accident. He will be missed by many including us who always looked forward to his comments.



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