Friday, November 21, 2014

Readers Speak on UNA Thug Culture

First a very pertinent statement from a reader:

Did you speak to the problems with Dee Liner in the summer before his senior year after being arrested twice in a matter of 2 weeks? Then, the deal last summer with the UNA player, (previous MSHS player) Levi Fell...

Maybe too much testosterone and not enough character building exercises contribute to the little darlings attitude of being above the law when you are a coach or player. The egos grow when they step on field and think it's all about "me" and the crowds adore "me".
Our thoughts? We have not in the past mentioned all UNA athletes' sins. That will soon change. Our main purpose in this line of blogs is to determine why two sets of players guilty of the same level crime were treated differently. (We're sorta guessing it's because one group involved the star quarterback during playoffs.)

Now a very misguided word from a reader:

I suppose if I'd told some of the whoppers you've told about folks in this blog (and left out others who did things much worse) I'd hide, too.

Many readers comment that we are in error, but never seem to want to mention specifics. If we are ever in error, we are more than happy to make a retraction/apology. Leaving out anyone? If you know of a public person who has committed a crime or ethics violation, send us the info. We can't blog about something if we don't know. You also should know that we publish all guest you have absolutely no valid point.


Twitter? Yes, we've had an account for ages and rarely use it. We have not felt our readers needed to know when one of our bloggers saw a squirrel on his windowsill or other such exciting facets of our lives. Linking blogs? We did that for a while, but most of our readers find us via Facebook or have us bookmarked, so we have not felt Twitter worth the effort...until now.

We've all heard of #breaktheinternet." So now we're presenting #breakunathugculture.

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    The 2 above links are ones I blogged about Dee. Albeit, Shoalanda Speaks and I are not in cahoots together, we do agree on most things. Not all but most.