Saturday, November 1, 2014

Colbert County Board of Education/ Words From Readers

Why does the Colbert Board want to close New Bethel School? Or is it only Anthony Olivis?

We have always regretted withdrawing our endorsement for Mr. Tuc Montgomery based on info sent from the Olivis camp. Two more years...


* On your blog today there was a lot of number crunches, now look at the guy ob supports and his claim,then look at FB page and see story on Chief Noah Danley, the add on OBs page dont add up on his exp.30 as Chief years to 15 years is not longest exp in Florence. Link

* You posted a comment that stated we should vote for Godly men. Does anyone out there really think either Hendershot or Williamson is a Godly man? 

* How can we recall Supt. Anthony Olivis?


In answer to the last question, it might not be possible. Start campaigning for a fiscally responsible and non-vindictive candidate now.


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  1. Colbert County could do a lot with 30 million if the sold Helen Keller to Regional Care after all the debts are paid. There is no such thing as non profit. All hospitals have to make a profit in order to buy equipment upgrade and add services.

    With the current leash, how much does the country get?