Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Readers Speak on Tuscumbia Streets & Clueless Athletic Directors

Just how bad are Tuscumbia streets?

From AC: I live in Tuscumbia. The streets are pathetic. Absolutely ridiculous. If you drive a new car, it will be total crap in a matter of months just from driving around downtown. I'm wondering where our tax dollars are going. Hopefully someone can offer some insight.

From JB:  I live in Belview Heights subdivision....the same as Mayor Shoemaker....and where the street intersects with Colonial Heights is terrible....they keep patching which just makes matters worse ....just large humps of asphalt which makes holes for water to stand in..I have lived here for10 years and nothing has been done to correct any of the streets in the older subdivisions....we pay taxes also....someone needs to ask for grants....

From AP: These streets will literally beat your car to death. We've got restaurants, boutiques, all kinds of businesses but we can't afford to pave our streets. I just wonder where OUR money is going. 

From JR: Take your pick as for the 'worst' of Tuscumbia's streets.  The Old Lee Highway is 'up there', as is Cave Street.  Tuscumbia is rivaling Sheffield for the worst streets in The Shoals.

While we're discussing Tuscumbia's street 'woes', perhaps someone can answer this question: Why isn't there a 'School Zone' and corresponding flashing light on the south end of Cave Street when approaching Deshler High School?  I'd also like to know why Tuscumbia's police department doesn't monitor traffic on Cave Street before school starts and after school lets out? Cars routinely speed through the area during such times.  It's only a matter of time before a student is injured or killed by a speeding car.


A reader on UNA athletic director Mark Linder:

I think there's a simple answer to the questions about Linder's actions. He doesn't know what he's doing. Let me explain. I think you're connected to the legal world in some way and understand a lot. Most people don't. When Linder, probably a frustrated jock, heard the word theft he assumed felony and suspended the two Russellville players. Now he can't go back and change it without admitting he made a mistake. He's not gonna do that.


Is the above reader correct on Mr. Linder's actions? The NCAA legal department referred us to the UNA student affairs department; we've yet to receive an answer.

A local attorney has stated the two second string players have a good case against UNA if they should choose to pursue it. We'll update as we have new information.


A reader offered the following comment on Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May's recent conduct:

As one who is in a supervisor position, I couldn't imagine going from a non-supervisors job to a supervisor role without the benefit of a transition period. The amount of paperwork that is required in a supervisor role that is not in other positions is unreal. Frank is being done a major disservice by not being allowed to learn what is needed in his new position. He'll have to learn the hard way after he assumes the Sheriff's position instead. 

 Bottom line is that it will be the citizens of Colbert County who suffer.



  1. Mark Linder did agree to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your concerns. I don't see how you can fairly keep harassing UNA on this matter if you won't even meet with him, especially since it is "only one or two questions, one of which requires only a yes or no answer." If you refuse to discuss it with them, should you really keep instigating trouble?

    BTW, I've never seen a more lame excuse to be mean than the attitude of "I'll keep adding to the hurt of a devastated family because someone called me names." You do something reprehensible, you should expect strong reactions.

  2. Yes, Margo, I definitely think Mr. Linder and I should form a committee to get to the answer here. We'll need more members of course, and funding. If there's only one question, we should have an answer in six to nine months. If we have to got to two, it may take over a year, but that's the correct way, right?

    How is publishing a photo we were sent reprehensible? We had no idea anyone would take it the wrong way. We're reminded of the talking Hallmark card that mentioned "black holes" and several black ministers called news conferences because they believed the card said "black hoes."