Thursday, November 6, 2014

26 Votes? No One Knows for Sure...

We're going to start out with some words from our fellow blogger J. Redmon:

The following Bedford quote is from the TD on Wednesday, November 5, 2014:

"I am so proud of the positive race we ran, talking about real issues and the need to build a better Alabama for our children and grandchildren," Bedford said Tuesday night.
While not conceding the race, Bedford said he will be at peace if the final results are in Stutts' favor.

The above is a quote from the same candidate that, in the last days prior to the November 4th elections, chose to run a 'smear campaign' against Dr. Stutts.  Such actions speak volumes about the Mr. Bedford's personal convictions and integrity. 


Only 26 votes now separate Stutts and Bedford. The recount could turn into several recounts; both absentee and provisional ballots usually come into play. In Colbert County, there were supposedly quite a few provisional votes due to voters not having the correct documentation.

Perhaps someone could start an office pool on just how many days before the election is official?


We had several quotes from readers which came to us late and were not published before the election. Most no longer apply, but we will publish one question from a faithful reader:

If the Democratic candidate for sheriff in Lauderdale County had "family values" why was Rick Singleton the only one who had kids willing to have their photo taken with him?


The Democratic candidate referenced above ran ads stating that a "Mike Walker" would be his chief deputy. We asked on our Facebook page who this person was. There were well over 1K hits to our question...and no one knew.



  1. Bedford ran a smear campaign? Really?!?! How about the photoshopped CRAP Stutts sent out repeatedly during this election? The same photoshopped CRAP that had his daughter's return address on it? Pictures with beers pasted into the pictures, Hank Sanders face pasted onto a white man's body? Come on now, you know better.

  2. I understand Roger Bedford has occupied a position as State Senator for years and years while also, simultaneously, holding court in Russellville as the Municipal Court Judge. This seems to be an inherent ethical conflict as he occupies positions within both the legislative and judicial branches of government. Would it be ethical for a Supreme Court Justice to also be a Colbert County Commissioner or for Governor Bentley to also be the Montgomery City Judge?