Monday, November 10, 2014

A Second Look at Justin Matthew Green

We've recently had quite an upswing in comments about Justin Matthew Green. Apparently, he was indicted on stronger charges than which he was originally charged. These new comments and e-mails have caused us to take a second look at his case.

First we've been accused of not stating all the facts or of reporting lies. All our info comes from the TimesDaily which we would assume received the report from either a police officer or the indictment itself. Yes, we know, sometimes police officers have been known to either get things mixed up or lie. Yes, really.

Here's our original blog: Justin Matthew Green

We have also been accused of having some inside knowledge of the case. Rest assured, we don't. We have been told that the victim was Green's biological child. Whether this is true or not, we have no idea. If it is true, the two older children could also be Green's.

Let's look at the facts as reported in the TD and consider them logically one by one.

1. Only three other people were in the house when the child died--Green, a four year old, and a five year old.

2. The instrument of death was an electrical cord. No toy for a 13 month old would use an electrical cord; one for an older child might. One of the three, even if innocent of a crime, placed the toy in the crib. If it had been there for some time, Green allowed it to remain.

3. The cord was wrapped around the victim's neck--at least three times. The cord was then pulled tight enough to leave ligature marks and eventually cause death.

Now we have to ask if a 13 month old child could have wrapped the cord around its neck and pulled. Even if it could have, when she lost consciousness, she would have loosened her grip. Could the cord have caught on something? We ask what...assuming the child was in a safe environment to begin with.

Why Green was indicted for only manslaughter, we have no idea. Would he have been indicted at all if there had been evidence that one of the child's siblings or half-siblings had killed the child?

Green is now free on a 10K bond. It's a sad world.


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