Friday, November 28, 2014

Some Words of Wisdom for Parents

1. Don't encourage your child to play with matches and gasoline simultaneously.

2. Don't encourage your child to do Tai-Chi exercises in the middle of the interstate at midnight while wearing dark clothes.

3. Don't encourage your child to remove the orange tip of his airsoft/BB gun illegally and then point the weapon at someone.

4. Don't encourage your child to take photographs of himself and friends flashing gang signs with the principal who then will post it on Facebook where he has 3,600 friends who will then send it to their friends. (A corollary to this suggestion is not to expect Shoalanda to take down the photo after half the Shoals has already seen it before it even reached her.)

5. Don't encourage your child to blame others for his mistakes.


Pictured is the old First Federal Bank building on Mobile Plaza. Over the years it's had many remuddlings. Several years ago we had an appointment in a first floor office and actually had to ascend to the second floor and back down again to get to the correct business.

We've been told the original limestone facade was ruined in some of the attempts to modernize the building. Now there seems to be a great deal of money going into this new incarnation of the old edifice. The door is incredible; the awning--not so much. We realize it's not finished, but it hardly looks organic. We're hoping it improves.


What do your thoughts say about you? Familiar with those Rorschach tests where you tell the shrink what the ink blots look like? Perhaps much in life is that way. We blog about a city having bar fights and we're automatically racist? Post a photo with flames and we're condemning others to Hell? No. We think it's all in the mind of the beholder. We have no need to apologize for anyone else's evil thoughts.


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