Sunday, November 16, 2014

And Now for Something Entirely Different

Let's play match the celebrity to the rape:

1. I survived the Nazis, lost my wife and unborn child to a cult murder, and make iconic films. No one cares that I gave a 14 year-old girl champagne and ludes, then forced her to have sex in a hot tub.

2. I'm the best known TV dad in the world, and I just luuuuve Jello. No one cares that I raped at least 13 young women, one who was just 15 when I rendered her unconscious with drugs.

3. I'm the biggest supporter of gun rights in the U.S. No one cares that I had sex with Courtney Love when she was just 13.

Whenever you see these men, be sure to shout "Tally Ho." (If you don't know that joke, you're missing out on some fun.)


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