Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ronnie May Tarnishes His Legacy

We initially supported Jim Berryman for Colbert County Sheriff; after Frank Williamson defeated Mr. Berryman in the runoff, we offered our support to Mr. Williamson. During the days running up to the election we received what can only be classified as "mud" against both Williamson and his opponent Phil Andrews. We sincerely hope neither candidate was behind this mud-slinging. We did hear at that time that current sheriff Ronnie May did not support Mr. Williamson. That was certainly his prerogative.

After Mr. Berryman was defeated in the runoff, Ronnie May welcomed him back as a deputy. Is Mr. Williamson now similarly serving as a deputy until he officially becomes sheriff in January? We were told that Sheriff May refused to reinstate Mr. Williamson; upon checking, we found this to be true.

If Sheriff May would like to offer his rationale for this, we would be happy to publish his comments.


Does someone dislike Chad Holden enough to set him up? It appears that someone would like to see him ineligible for the Lauderdale County School Board. Let's hope Mr. Holden reports this and has it removed:


Do you live or work in Tuscumbia? How are your streets? We've been asked why the avenues of that stately town are in such disrepair? Do you have a comment? Send it to us.



  1. Add the broken sidewalks to the list of bad roads, esp on 6th west of main.

  2. As one who is in a supervisor position, I couldn't imagine going from a non-supervisors job to a supervisor role without the benefit of a transition period. The amount of paperwork that is required in a supervisor role that is not in other positions is unreal. Frank is being done a major disservice by not being allowed to learn what is needed in his new position. He'll have to learn the hard way after he assumes the Sheriff's position instead.

    1. Very well said. Whom has Ronnie May hurt? Not Mr.Williamson so much as the citizens of Colbert County.