Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Special Post on Activities in the City of Muscle Shoals

We received this earlier today and believe it deserves to be published in full:

Why? Double Dipping? Who does he serve? Does he leave his "day job" to "play School Board". Serving 2 masters?

Appalling is not close to the outrage I feel looking at that picture of Chad Holden and those want to be thugs/gangsta's.  - Thuggin with the true OG?
For any adult to put themselves in the middle of children acting like thugs making those kind of gestures is alarming.
Isn't it against the law to be making a gun gesture in a school?
For the principal not only to participate in such garbage, but also to post that picture on his facebook indicates a high level of immaturity and lack of leadership.
I would be interested to know what disciplinary action was taken by his superiors for such abuse of public facilities.
Taxpayers should be alarmed at the lack of leadership from the top down for these things to be allowed.

Maybe LAUDERDALE COUNTY VOTERS will remember this when Chad Holden once again asks for their support, telling them about his "accomplishments".
I'm sure this picture will re-surface if he tries to mis-lead us again.
Muscle Shoals, you're on your own if you choose to employ people that are out of touch with reality.

On the golf course debacle.
Cypress Lakes 3G's - Gas-Golf-Guzzling.
Why is alcohol allowed on taxpayer public property?
There is an ordinance against alcohol on publicly owned properties I believe.
Is this city council above their own laws - sorry, that question was borderline insane in itself.
The Gas Department "donates" a gas grill.
How much is the GAS BILL for Hole 19 booze bar?
Do those jokers really think kicking Rhoda P out of the "Country Club" is going to solve their problems? That woman has brought a little stability to that place for a change and those councilmen are going to throw the shaft to her? PITIFUL.

AVENGE the DEATH of your ANCESTORS at the hands of the MAYOR!!!
Take the Course - Take the Schools - Take the Thugs!

Which brings me to this conclusion.
Coaches and Councilmen are interchangeable.
Say what it takes to get what you want.
Use taxpayers and parents to get what you want.
Charge and tax people to get what you want.
Enforce rules only on those who get in the way of getting what you want.
Don't enforce rules on those who insure you get what you want.
Feed your ego on other people's back to get what you want.
Lastly, for any MS policeman that was working the summer before Dee Liner's senior year (and he was 18) might remember an incident at a home in MS (during the same time of his 2 arrests). I'm told the MSCS superintendent and principal were advised of Liner being run off by a homeowner to which Liner returned with his back up boys. The homeowner had to pull a gun on Liner to make him take his hands off his daughter and leave.
As you said Shoalanda, it's all about winning, and we all know the Trojan star was on the field in a matter of weeks after all those incidents the summer before his senior year.
Expect any better when you see that kind of picture of the kids and principal at MSHS "thuggin"?
Where is that boy now anyway?

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