Sunday, November 2, 2014

Phil Andrews Shoots His Campaign in Foot

Phil Andrews, Republican candidate for Colbert County sheriff, shot himself and his party in the foot Saturday. He may have also taken Muscle Shoals mayor David Bradford with him.

The end result depends on who wins Tuesday’s election. If Democratic candidate Frank Williamson wins…and no one reports the Republican candidate to the state ethics commission, Andrews may have dodged at least part of the fatal bullets. If Andrews wins, Williamson and obviously several others will then contest the election. Illegal is illegal no matter who does it.

We have to ask why Mayor David Bradford allowed Andrews to use City of Muscle Shoals equipment in his weekend political event, aka fun fest. Until now, we have been impressed by the way Andrews had handled himself, at least for the most part. Now we have only one question. As that old song says:

Who do you think you’re foolin’?



  1. Get something with teeth .. nothing .. this will be forgotten uh oh too late I already forgot.

  2. Jim, If I lived in Colbert County, I would be voting a split ticket--and vote for Frank Williamson. If I lived in Muscle Shoals, I would file an ethics complaint against both Andrews and Bradford for USING MY TAX DOLLARS TO ELECT PHIL ANREWS.