Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lisa Singleton-Rickman Said WHAT about Judy Hood?

The TimesDaily's headline story today concerned the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. We decided to peruse it since the money spent on the board's retreat has resulted in criticism and we were interested in learning more about something called "Strategic Doing." We first read about Strategic Doing in an article in PNS; nothing like a good gerund to spice up the latest new thing under the sun.

However, both these topics pale as one gets farther into the article. Mentioned prominently were Judy Hood and Nancy Sanford. Just who are they?

Ms. Sanford is described as the director of the Florence-Lauderale Library. No mention is made of Nancy's husband being Ian Sanford, the mayor of Sheffield. We're sure he was crushed.

So how about Judy Hood? Did we read that she is a former spokesperson for Helen Keller Hospital? No. Did we read that she held a similar position with International Paper in Courtland. Nope. Was it mentioned that she is an event coordinator for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame? Negative. So how about her innovative tours of Muscle Shoals music sites? Negatory on that also.

Just how was Ms. Hood described? Here is the direct quote: wife of famed bass guitarist and Swampers member David Hood.

While we're sure Ms. Hood is proud of her husband, we're sure of her reported modesty, we're sure of her easy going nature, we're also sure Ms. Hood, whether she will admit it or not, had to have felt slighted by these words.

We automatically looked for Robert Palmer's name, or Russ Corey's. When we discovered that the writer was Lisa Singleton-Rickman, a woman who has to have experienced at least some discrimination due to her gender, we were gobsmacked.

Yes, the TotallyDecatur can speak for all those illegals who are so deserving of our respect, but it can't seem to feel the same for a local woman made good all on her own. We know Ms Hood won't admit this, but an apology is in order.


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