Monday, November 3, 2014

A Word About State Reps. (Scumbags?)

The election is tomorrow. Our fellow blogger D.K. has chastised us for not offering enough info on some elections which feature "scumbags." We will attempt to correct that.

District 1: Greg Burdine or Phillip Pettus? Mr. Burdine was on board at RegionalCare hearings in Montgomery. He went the extra mile. We support him, albeit a Democrat, 100%.

District 2:  Andy Betterton or Lynn Greer? Greer has greatly disappointed in his lack of knowledge and discretion; however, he has some seniority. Use your best judgment.

District 3: Marcel Black or Fred Jolly? Black has much seniority, but has always spent our money like it came from an open faucet. Vote for a change, vote for Jolly.

District 5: Henry White or Dan Williams: Williams by a nose.

District 18: Johnny Mack Morrow or Gerry Wallace? Morrow is universally known as someone who doesn't keep commitments. This past term he acted on behalf of a state prisoner to secure her parole. D.K. feels this went beyond his scope of office. We've seen it happen before. Morrow has been accused of several improprieties in the past. It's time for a change. Vote for Gerry Wallace.


A reader on Roger Bedford: With the Roger Bedford ads with him holding a gun, keep in mind around 2006 or 2009 he publicly announced he was going blind/ or blind in one eye and has a driver that drives him around. But still sees well enough to shoot a shotgun?


There was some question about an Alabama inmate being put off for the next parole hearing five years. According to the Board's bylaws, the next hearing may be rescheduled with due cause after only 18 months. This does not mean we support such early hearings. We certainly thought the Board made the right decision in the case of Deborah Kimbrough. We simply feel that families of victims should know the facts and not consider a five-year delay as a done-deal.


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